Elevate your die-cutting experience


The RD-N4055DM rotary die-cutting machine has been further developed for processing smaller print runs, including those from digital printing, offering easy operation and minimal setup times. With the new optional card stacker CSD-40RD, it enables the production of items such as playing cards directly from the stack. Material to be die-cut is precisely registered and transported into the die-cutting unit. The die-cutting unit efficiently produces multiple-up jobs thanks to its unique electronic sheet control system. The optional separation unit SPC-N4055 automatically removes the die-cut grids. Additionally, holes are either mechanically ejected using pushers or blown out with compressed air.

Production volume

small to medium editions


for offset and digital printing


max. 400 x 550 mm, min. 200 x 275 mm


max. 6.000 cycles/h

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