Manage your bindery with iCE LiNK.


The iCE LiNK Post-press Management System enables the centralized management of binding and postpress equipment using cloud technology. With precise analysis results from the KPI analysis function, iCE LiNK reduces costs, provides productivity visibility, and automates workflow by integration to MIS and prepress.

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More Information

iCE LiNK Demo - Workflow Basics

The iCE-LiNK-integrated workflow utilized our APC-610 guillotine cutter and iCE STITCHLINER MARK IV to give visitors an idea of how everyday print shops can streamline their workflow with automatic impositioning and job setups.


iCE LiNK is a subscription service with minimal startup costs. There are three editions to choose from and IoT Basic is the most basic model. If you need to expand the system after installation, you can upgrade to a higher edition.


Real-time monitoring of the machine operating status.


Connecting JDF with MIS or Prepress. ​


Includes all functions like job scheduling.​

*On-premises version which does not send any data to cloud server is only available for the Enterprise edition. Ask your local dealer for details.
**CSV data output only.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer your questions even before you know you have some. 

iCE LiNK is free of charge for the first three years of use. You only have to pay a connection fee and the costs for your own hardware.

After the test phase, the price for use depends on the number and type of machines used and the iCE LiNK version. Please contact us directly and we will prepare a concrete offer for your specific case.

Will I incur additional costs?

The test phase of iCE LiNK (regardless of the version) is free for three years. If you purchase a machine from Horizon, there are no additional costs for setting up iCE LiNK. Do you want to retrofit iCE LiNK? Then please contact us and we will find the right solution for you.

In any case, you will need an edge server. This PC connects all machines on site and sends the data to the cloud. This PC is not included with iCE LiNK.

Do I need my own hardware?

Yes, although iCE LiNK is a cloud-based server, Horizon machines need a way to transfer the data to it. For this you need an edge server on site. This PC must be provided by you.

You can access iCE LiNK with any device that has a browser. This includes desktop PCs as well as tablets and smartphones. We recommend that the screen has a resolution of at least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. There will be a mobile view for smartphones in the future.

You have the option of downloading all your data as a CSV file before your membership expires. Your data will be deleted from the cloud on request. Just get in touch with us.

What about data protection?

iCE LiNK is operated via the servers of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and therefore offers a very high level of protection. Your data is processed and made available to you via our parent company Horizon International.

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